Business As Usual

We all have been touched with the current situation somehow.   The impact on the economy is yet to be determined however if you know me, I always try to find the silver lining.   I hope to believe our respect for the implications for a larger global community will take on new meaning. The globe becomes increasingly interconnected with technology.  The Tech sector is a resilient logistically dynamic industry.  Companies have made quick changes with employees being able to work from home.  On the recruiting side, ZOOM interviews have created a pipeline where no time has been lost in the hiring process.  We continue to thrive during a tough time and that is what makes it such an awesome space to be in!   We all hope this will be a short lived situation and with the entrepreneurship and creativity that exists, we are certain to come out of this flourishing with success!

Payette Group has continued to set up interviews, recruit, source, and provide top notch services to candidates and clients alike, due to our able to work anywhere approach.   Josh Thornton, our Managing Recruiting Director acknowledges “this will be a time when we can all get a head without many distractions.” As for US and the Tech Sector, it is is “business as usual!”