About Our Company


Payette Group is the premier San Francisco technology jobs recruitment agency. San Francisco is home to our Bay Area IT Sales and Marketing division.


Our Corporate headquarters is located in beautiful Boise, Idaho and is staffed with expert technical consultants that will find the right match for your company.

Payette Group

Since our inception in 2000, we have had one goal in mind, to provide the best recruiting service in the industry. We pride ourselves on building the culture of your company. Plainly said, we are experts in finding great matches, not only from a skill set standpoint, but a culture and personality fit!

Payette Group Foundation

The Payette Group foundation is based on honesty, integrity, respect, and full commitment.

Our Team of consultants are experts on how and where to find top-notch candidates to fit each organization’s specific need. For over seventeen years our consultants have been helping qualified people and companies find the right match in some very tough markets.

Team Behind Our Success!

Andrew Kirk

Andrew, CEO, has over 18 years’ experience building, consulting, and hiring for high-tech companies specifically in the San Francisco bay area. Andrew founded the Payette Group in 2000 and successfully navigated the company through the post dot-com to become a million dollar revenue venture in just a few short years.

Andrew is an avid Class V whitewater kayaker, semi-pro mountain biker, and finds most of his time lately tuning skis for his two daughters who are avid alpine ski racers. He strives to learn something new every day. He holds a Bachelor in Business from Washington State University.

Stacy Tamura

Stacy, Director of Operations and Administration, has been with Payette Group since January of 2008. She has more than 20 years in administrations. She graduated Boise State University with a degree in Drafting & Designing. She is always learning new skills to help her and her company be more successful.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends by going camping, motorcycling, four wheeling, anything outdoors.

Josh Thornton

Josh, Co-Founder Managing Director, was born in Oakland, Josh spent several years developing a serious interest in Bay Area sports. He moved to Sun Valley during elementary school, and grew up in Hailey. After studying Psychology in Reno and spending a few extra years out there, he came back home and has been loving it ever since.

He spends most of his days, whether it is summer or winter, praying for snow.

Justin Anchustegui

Justin, Recruiting Manager, was born and raised in the State Capital of Idaho. He completed his undergraduate at the University of Idaho, one of the premier research institutes in the American Northwest earning Bachelor’s degrees in Business Management & HR Management. Justin began his professional career with Payette Group not only to join a culture that propelled his recreational passions but also to be a part of an elite and exclusive group known for building the American economy. Justin is a perpetual student of business and has an exceptional drive for community engagement aptly expressed through PR and Public service. When he is not volunteering his time for the greater good you’ll find Justin in pursuit of adventure, mountain biking, backpacking and skiing throughout the Rocky Mountains.

Joe Laidlaw

Joe, Senior Technical Recruiter, grew up south of world famous Sun Valley, Idaho. An athlete at heart with several State Championships in Basketball under his belt. Joe spent a good time of his life in Mexico where he learned how to net a fish. When he isn’t wrapped up in building Venture Capital backed cutting edge start-ups, you can find him in the mountains of Idaho casting his line into a mountain lake or cooking dinner over the fire.

Deric Wilson

Deric, Senior Technical Recruiter, was born and raised in the Boise area. Growing up with a love of sports and the outdoors Boise was the perfect place for his childhood. He can usually be found waiting for snow to fly in the mountains or exploring the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest with his dog.
After graduating from the University of Idaho where he played lacrosse, Deric moved back home to Boise. In Boise he is still involved in lacrosse by coaching at local high schools and helping in summer camps.

Emily Wagner

Emily, Senior Technical Recruiter, was born and raised in the dairy state of Wisconsin and recently made the move to Boise in pursuit of a bigger city and proximity to the mountains. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a degree in Human Resource Management and an emphasis in entrepreneurship. Life excites her and she wants to use her motivation to make a difference. Emily is a personal growth junkie as she loves to listen to podcasts, read books on leadership and challenge herself physically and mentally. When she’s not at work, you can find her hiking to the best sunset spots or grabbing a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop.

Kelsi Vincent

Kelsi, Senior Technical Recruiter, grew up in the beautiful farming country of Filer, Idaho. She graduated from Idaho’s Flagship University, The University of Idaho with degrees in Finance, Marketing and PR. She has spent the better part of her career as a Marketing professional and a little over a year ago decided to make the move to Technical Recruiting. Kelsi’s never one to get too comfortable. So whether it’s tackling a new career or backpacking through Asia. she is always up for the challenge. When Kelsi isn’t building her Recruiting Empire you can find her enjoying all that Idaho has to offer with a glass of Pinot in her hand.

Brittany Lodge

Brittany, Senior Technical Recruiter, grew up in Portland, Oregon. After graduating college Brittany pursued her love for adventure and moved to Manhattan and back to the West (best) Coast to Los Angeles. In both cities she pursued her career in the Fashion Industry and her love for Account Management began. With a desire to be closer to family and the outdoors, Brittany has rooted herself in Boise. At Payette Group, she continues to do what she loves, working with others and developing relationships. Brittany is in her element meeting new people, hiking, running, smiling and learning new things.